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Application to Become a Red Tag Publication Delivery Monitor in the US
All fields on this form are required to become a Red Tag monitor.

Your telephone number and email address will only be used to contact you for Red Tag business. Our monitor administrator will contact you by phone, email or mail within two weeks to let you know if Red Tag can use you in it's monitor pool, and which publications you will be monitoring. **Please note that some of the publications that you request may already have enough monitors in your zip code area, and that there are some publications which all Red Tag monitors are required to receive. If you are already a Red Tag monitor, please DO NOT use this form to request additional publications. Instead, email these requests and any other questions to Joanna Zygmont by calling 203-804-6003 or via email: joanna@redtag.org.

Instructions for filing out this application:   We are currently only accepting applications for those individuals residing in specific zip codes. To find out if we are in need of monitors in your area please view the drop down menu next to the line titled ‘Postal Code’. If you see the first 3-digits of your zip code you’re in luck! Select your 3-digit postal code from the list and then type the last 2 digits of your zip code in the box provided.
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I agree to monitor any and all publications assigned to me, which may consist of requested and non-requested publications. I will not be paid for monitoring these publications. Red Tag will provide the applicant with at least one of the requested publications. Red Tag has the right to change its policy at any time without notice.