About Red Tag: Full Membership
Dues and Fees Schedule
Open to publishing companies that are concerned with obtaining the best possible delivery of their publications. Membership is by company or corporate division, not by publication. A company must be a full member in order to have its publications monitored.
Full member dues are payable annually in January and are based on total circulation of all titles of the corporation or corporate division:
More than 750,000 $6,900 per year
500,000 to 749,999 $5,750 per year
300,000 to 499,999 $4,600 per year
100,000 to 299,000 $4,025 per year
50,000 to 99,999 $3,450 per year
20,000 to 49,999 $2,875 per year
Less than 20,000 $2,300 per year
Monitoring Fees (per publication) are payable annually in January:
Daily $5,750 per year
Twice Weekly $3,450 per year
Weekly $2,300 per year
Between Weekly and Monthly $1,725 per year
Monthly $1,380 per year
NOTE: The above monitoring fees include approximately 70 monitors (25 for monthlies), additional monitors available at $23 per monitor per year.