About Red Tag: New Member Information
Delivery Monitoring Service
Red Tag operates one of the oldest, best known, and perhaps most sophisticated delivery monitoring systems in the industry. Its monitoring system's optimal delivery calculations are keyed not only to actual delivery times for each entry point for each publication per week, but also to the Postal Service's published Delivery Standards from each entry point to each destination. Publishers of titles appearing weekly or more frequently must be full Red Tag Members to use the monitoring service. Monitoring is available at reasonable fees to publishing companies which are published less frequently than weekly.

With more than 1000 monitors, the Red Tag system tracks on-time delivery of publications delivered through the Postal Service and other transportation and delivery systems. The basic fee includes 70 monitors per publication, tailored to the publication's individual needs, although broader monitoring is available. Each client receives delivery reports for each title being monitored.

When a publisher first signs up for the Red Tag system, he or she submits publication information via the www.redtag.org website, and assigns an entry point to each monitor. Upon publication, the publisher can visit the website to submit the actual dates and times each publication arrived at each entry point. The system instantaneously calculates delivery time for each monitor, and compares it with the Postal Service's Delivery Standards. Then, right from the website, the publisher can run a variety of customizable reports that show a publication's timeliness for each entry point. It is also possible to download data for individual publications.