About Red Tag: New Member Information
List of benefits for Full Member Publications
Open to publishing companies that are concerned with obtaining the best possible delivery of their publications. Membership is by company or corporate division, not by publication. A company must be a full member in order to have its publications monitored. Full membership entitles you to the following benefits:
  • Access to Red Tag's nationally acclaimed delivery monitoring system at low member rates. Red Tag's delivery calculations are keyed not only to your actual sign-off times for each entry point, but also to actual USPS standards for delivery from your entry points to each destination.
  • Immediate access via the internet to all of your delivery information. Reports are created instantly as requested, using information that is accurate through that morning's deliveries. Please take a look at the sample reports that can be accessed through the previous page. Reports (or raw data) can also be downloaded in spreadsheet format for use in your own databases. Consolidated reports do not identify individual publications, and one member's data is not available to another.
  • Tips to achieving better delivery through the Red Tag Newsletter written by written by Ed Mayhew, a retired USPS expert on rates, classifications and delivery issues.
  • Receive breaking bulletins from Red Tag's Executive Director, James M. Franklin, and distribution consultant Jack Widener, both experienced publishing professionals with many years of experience in periodicals postal and distribution matters.
  • Attend Red Tag’s meetings and roundtables at the reduced member rates, and hear top USPS officials, and other postal and distribution experts share their expertise and invite your questions.
  • A Voice in Postal Service Circles in Washingon. As an involved member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), Red Tag actively represents your interests at Postal Headquarters.
  • A seat on the Red Tag Board of Directors, giving you a vote in future policy decisions of the association.
  • The right to use the "Red Tag" logo on your mail bags and pallet stickers. Because Red Tag continually stresses at Postal Headquarters and in the field the importance of moving your perishable "time value" publications, a RED TAG on your bag means preferential treatment.